With our product, you stay calm about risks associated with your home. You can now insure content only, property or both.

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Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Implosion, Aircraft Impact, Road Strike
Natural Catastrophies
Home Assistance
Third Party Liability
Insured Expenses
Pipeline leakage
Damage to glass
Short Circuit and Over Voltage
Earthquake (optional for all packages)

My Home by Allianz – a fast and simple claims handling process!

man with tablet in front of house
You are protecting your home and property
house with fire and flooding
Assistance in case of fire, flood or theft 
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You can count on us for damage to your home and property 

What to do in case of claim?


You can pay in installments or the total premium payable for your insurance in one of the following ways: by bank transfer to the account specified in the debit letter; by direct debit to your account in Allianz Bank Bulgaria; remotely via Epay; in any of our offices or in any of the branches of EasyPay.
An update is needed whenever an inventory list of content is attached to your insurance.
The usual period in which you have to notify us is 5 working days. However,  in case of theft you should inform us immediately, but not later than 25 hours. In case of damages to third parties notification period up to 7 working days.
Usually the period in which we perform an inspection is within 5 working days from the notification of the claim.

We have to review, pay or reject claim within 15 business days upon receipt of all necessary documents and proofs for the insurance event.