Regardless of professional success, education and a good environment, the occurrence of unexpected accident poses risks to our financial stability.
That’s why we created the For Me insurance, especially for customers of Allianz Bank.

For Me is for anyone who seeks affordable protection and financial security in case of unforeseen events.

For Me guarantees security and peace of mind for you and your loved ones in the event of accidents of various kinds, including traffic accidents.

...Have you ever thought how important and necessary things you carry with you, together with your bank card – wallet, personal documents, keys.

With Secure Wallet insurance, designed especially for the customers of UniCredit Bulbank, you also receive personal protection against accidents and in case of an illness.

You can get more information in the offices of UniCredit Bulbank.

The Secure Wallet + insurance is a voluntary combined risk, supporting insurance protection in case of loss of funds and unforeseen research related to the insured bank card.

  • "Bank card"
  • ATM roberry
  • Lost/Stolen keys and Identity theft
  • Personal coverage - protection of the Life, Health and Physical integrity

You can get more information in the offices of UniCredit Bulbank.



Allianz Care Insurance

Allianz Care Insurance was developed especially for the customers of Allianz Bank Bulgaria and provides indemnity up to BGN 80 000 in the case of loss of life or permanent disability due to an accident.


It covers 21 risks, including accident which occurre during the non-professional practicing of the following sports: hunting, equestrian sports, mountaineering, speleology, flying of an airplane, aircraft and equipment, parachuting, jumping with an elastic rope, water sports, martial arts, winter sports, motor sports and others.

How can Allianz Care insurance be concluded?

Only via phone, according to the Financial Services Remote Provision Act, and it is not necessary to visit our office and fill in documents.

Special conditions

As a gratitude for the trust of Allianz Bank’s customers, the Insurer offers a grace period, during which the customer can get to know the terms and conditions of the insurance and to assess the extent to which it meet the needs.


With Allianz Multi Thematics you can:

  • Invest thematically
  • Combine several funds in 1 policy and manage them actively
  • Accumulate capital from investmend
The investment funds are:
"All is perfect" is a voluntary accident insurance related to life, health and physical integrity of the insured.


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