According to the repayment plans offered by Allianz Leasing Bulgaria EAD, interest under lease agreements is formed on the basis of a variable component (reference rate) one-month EURIBOR plus a fixed margin.

EURIBOR /Euro Interbank Offered Rate/ is a reference rate set by the European Banking Federation and is published daily at 11.00 a.m. Central European Time.

In case the amount of EURIBOR increases compared to the one specified in the contract by more than 0.2%, the amount of the remaining monthly lease payments may be increased by the respective amount of the reported increase.

The one-month EURIBOR is determined according to and changes in them are reported to the 2nd (second) decimal place.

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Allianz Leasing Bulgaria EAD, as part of the Allianz Group, is a company that has a long history and operations on the Bulgarian market in the provision of financial services such as financial lease, operating lease, lending with funds not raised through public attraction of deposits or other repayable funds, and insurance intermediation services. In carrying out our commercial activity, protection of your data is a top priority for us and therefore we strive to process them while minimizing the data and limiting the time for their keeping, applying appropriate technical and organizational measures for their security.
When processing personal data, Allianz Leasing Bulgaria applies both mandatory corporate rules of Allianz and its internal current versions which can be found on our website:

See the terms of the program for deferral and settlement of lease payments here.