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"It's amazing work," said Mr. Eric Eggink - founder of WorldPensionSummit about PODskazki: Infotainment in Pensions during the 10th annual WorldPensionSummit and Innovation Awards held on 22-24 October 2019 at the Louwman Museum in the Hague. The WorldPensionSummit (WPS) is the Global Platform created 'for & by' pension professionals offering key analysis, insights and ample room for discussion among peers.

PODskazki is the innovation which made Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company the only WPS Innovation Award finalist from Europe in the Communication and Member Engagement Innovation category. There were four other finalists in this category representing four other continents - North America, South America, Africa and Australia.

The finalist status honours great initiatives and proven solutions in the global pensions and retirement community. The prestigious international recognition is the result of a preselection process made by the pension international expert panel of WorldPensionSummit consisting of world renowned thought leaders, thinkers and trailblazers.

In appreciation to the "remarkable innovation" as dubbed by Ms. Guldemond, WPS Conference Manager, Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company was also invited at the pre-summit pitching session and live voting on behalf of the audience. Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company innovation received 21% of the audience vote (ranking second after GuildSuper Australia). The audience vote for Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company innovation was twice higher than the audience vote for the Association of Pension Funds Chile, and more than five times higher than the audience vote for the North American innovation presented by Employees Retirement System of Texas USA.

Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company with its PODskazki: Infotainment in Pensions innovation was officially recognized in the 2019 WPS Innovation Awards Booklet handed out to more than 200 summit delegates from more than 30 countries at the WPS Innovation Awards Ceremony in The Hague and distributed throughout the WPS network worldwide.

Dr. Nickolai Slavchev
PhD in International Economic Relations
Chief Retirement Schemes Analyst, Allianz Bulgaria Pension Company
  • Information about the essence of supplementary retirement provision (Audio&Video podcasts integrated in the PDF)
  • Statistical information related to the pension funds under management

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