What does a Work & Travel Loan from Allianz Bank Bulgaria include?

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Loan Amount
from BGN 1,000 to 10,000
from 1 to 72 months
Grace Period
up to 12 months without payment of interest and principal


Interest rates: 6.90 % variable interest rate


  • APR of 8.44% for the amount of BGN 5,000, term of 36 months with a 12-month grace period, including monthly fee for the Allianz Academica package and preliminary research fee - BGN 60.


  • Monthly loan installment: BGN 223.64;
  • Total amount due for a loan term of 36 months: BGN 5,851.47;
  • Total amount due upon repayment of the loan in full when the agreed grace period expires: BGN 5,373.
  • For loan amount up to BGN 10,000 – joint debtor
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