Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD provided access via a specialized interface (API) based entirely on the National Technical Standard, called BISTRA (Banking Interfaces for Standardized Payments), pursuant to Directive (EU) 2015/2366 Payment service directive (PSD2) and Delegated Regulation (EU) ) 2018/389.

Dedicated Interfaces (APIs) enable individual and corporate customers to share their data with other licensed payment service providers, retrieve account information, and initiate payments through their systems.

Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD provides an environment based on the standards of the "Berlin Group" and a national standard BISTRA, enabling third party providers / TPPs / developers to provide services based on PSD2, as follows:

1. Test environment for developers - available at the following address:

2. Production environment for third party suppliers (TPPs) - available at the following address:

Statistics on accessibility and functioning of the systems offering access to payment services via the Internet: