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ZAD Allianz Bulgaria

1504, Sofia,
59 Knyaz Al. Dondukov blvd.

ZAD Allianz Bulgaria Life

1504, Sofia,
47 Knyaz Al. Dondukov blvd.

Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD.

1202, Sofia,
79 Kn. Mariya Luiza blvd.

POD Allianz Bulgaria

1612, Sofia,
19B Tsar Boris III blvd.

Allianz Leasing Bulgaria EAD

1510, Sofia,
5 Rezbarska str.

ZAD Energy    

1612, Sofia,
19B Tsar Boris III blvd., 11 fl.

Liquidation centers


1504, Sofia,
2 Milko Bitchev str.


Varna 9000, Bulgaria
South Industrial area

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