Cookies Policy


A cookie is a very small file containing data that is stored in your computer’s web browser when specific web pages are visited. By itself, a cookie does not contain or collect information, except when read by a server through a web browser. It may provide information in order to achieve a more user-friendly service by registering, together with other data, user’s preferences, by identifying errors and / or collecting data for statistical purposes. A cookie will not harm your computer, and no personal data is stored as a result of using the site.


• We use cookies to improve the performance of our site

• To improve user’s work
• Facilitating page management 
• Acquiring information about consumer habits
• Targeted ads

Cookies can perform a number of tasks, some of which are listed below:

Session cookies

They are needed to perform important site functions, such as saving a recurring form field within a browser session. They also help to limit the need for information transfer on the Internet. They are not stored on your computer and are deleted when you end your browser session. We cannot guarantee ( the correct use of the site without the use of cookies.

Persistent cookies

These cookies are used, among other things, to determine what, when and how often pages are used, how long users remain on a page.

Functional cookies

Cookies allow you to store your preferences, such as font size and other personal settings. 

Targeting and advertising cookies

These cookies are used to show you content and ads related to your interests as users. These cookies are stored on your computer and cannot be used to identify individuals. 

We use redirect marketing services, such as Google AdWords, to tailor our advertising specifically for you.

Our cookie management tool helps you manage your cookie preferences, including your consent. You will find a link to the appropriate cookie management tool at the “Settings” link below on this page. You can withdraw your consent to the use of certain cookies at any time using the latter tool.

When you save your cookie settings, they should also apply to your future visits to our website. However, for technical reasons beyond our control, this cannot be guaranteed. For example, if you reset your browser, delete cookies, or log in to our website from another browser or device, your cookie settings may be lost.