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Terms of Three Forward deposit from Allianz Bank Bulgaria

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9-month deposit
Minimum amount
BGN / EUR / USD 500
  • use of overdraft
  • obtaining a credit card
  • the interest for past periods is not lost in case of early termination
  • if you do not withdraw the interest at maturity, it is added to the deposit amount

Interest rates and fees in accordance with the current Tariff of the Bank.

Withdrawals are allowed on the maturity dates of each three-month interest period.

In case of early termination of the deposit, the bank charges interest in the amount of:

  • For previous interest periods – in full
  • For the current interest period in a reduced amount up to the effective interest rate on a current account in the respective type of currency

For detailed information and consultation, welcome to the most convenient for you financial center of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

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