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Apply online from your computer or mobile phone via LinkedIn. By creating your own profile, you can apply for one of the many available positions in Allianz around the world. If you can’t find the right one, we’ll help you find it. Register to access information about new jobs. This way, you will receive personalized notifications when a position, which is suitable for your experience and interests, becomes available.

After you have found the perfect job opening, it is time to work on your application. If a cover letter is required, it should be adapted to the position you are applying for. Please be sure to highlight the skills, experiences and competencies that are relevant for the role and make you an ideal candidate. The best cover letters are short and to the point. Feel free to use a generic greeting, no one will think you are a poor applicant if you could not find out the name of the hiring manager. A few questions that your cover letter should answer:

  • Why do you want to work for Allianz?
  • Why are you interested in the posted position?
  • What makes you the right candidate for the position?

Your resume is the key to a good application. Well structured, it will help you to highlight your professional experience and achievements so far. The font size must be clearly legible and the overall layout and formatting must be clean and simple. Start with your personal details, followed by information about your education and courses taken, your professional experience, knowledge of foreign languages, international experience and other relevant activities in your career, personal interests and activities.

  • Personal information: Make sure you included all required details: name, e-mail address, telephone number, mailing address, so that we can contact you. Make sure you have attached your cover letter.
  • Training / education / qualification: Your CV must accurately describe your education, including your degree, additional certificates and honors.
  • Professional experience: Record your previous jobs and duration of employment in each company. Summarize the main duties and responsibilities you had for each position.
  • Before uploading your application, be sure to attach the necessary files such as references, translations of diplomas and certificates, and any other written documents that may be needed to confirm your qualifications and experience.

Preparing for an interview

Get to know Allianz and its business sphere as deeply as possible, as well as the corporate culture, strategy and values. Be sure that you know enough about the latest trends and developments in your field of expertise, the industry and the market. Find out about the main obligations and tasks required for the specific position for which you are applying. Get ready to show us why you want to work for our company, why we have to hire you, and what particular qualities and experience make you the perfect candidate for the job. During the interview, both your professional skills and your communication skills are assessed, as well as the extent to which you fit into our corporate culture.   

The interview

Answer the questions carefully and as competently as possible. Before doing so, take the time to assess what the interviewer actually wants to know, then answer briefly and accurately. In case you need a little more time to think, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Be sure to justify your answers with specific examples from your previous professional experience and knowledge. We advise you to take an active part in the interview and not to hesitate to ask questions about the position and Allianz as a company.

We wish you good luck!


What is important?


Your skills and qualities are important to us. Do we share the same values?

To achieve our mission and goals, we have a team that shares our values in their daily work. That is why we strive to hire people who harmonize with our values – professionalism and integrity, mutual respect, sharing experience and knowledge, looking for opportunities for continuous improvement.
The world is changing at an extraordinary pace and this is fully true for the insurance and financial industry. The challenges we face make us rethink our business and create a new specific and flexible approach to work and thinking, oriented to the customer and their needs.
We want our employees to be the best at their job. That’s why we help them develop their unique strengths and constantly improve professionally.

Every day in our work, we stimulate our employees to take new paths and explore new opportunities. This leads us forward, but also makes us more responsible, taking into account and insuring all risks.


Allianz is the home for those who dare

The financial services industry is undergoing rapid changes. Increasingly fast innovation cycles and
disruptive forces require fresh minds that understand what our customers need from us. If you dare, there is
an opportunity for you.

Allianz is a global organization with more than 147 000 employees in over 70 countries worldwide. At Allianz Bulgaria, we are proud of how we successfully integrate our global affiliation with an in-depth understanding of the local market.
Values are the basis of our unique organizational culture. Working in different areas of business and in different functions, we feel and act as one team in order to offer our customers the solutions they really need.
The world around us is changing constantly. Long-standing, traditional industries are disrupted by small tech companies as well as data giants. To keep up with innovation and emerging customer needs, you have to be daring. We want to disrupt ourselves before others do it! Do you dare to challenge us on behalf of our customers? We are looking for daring minds.

What we offer?

We build on work time models that give our employees flexibility in planning and arranging their work and leisure time.
You are encouraged to expand your skills and create a career across functions, countries and Allianz entities.
Access our digital learning programs anytime, anywhere and just as you need them. 
Join a truly global company and explore our international environment.
We care about your health and support you to stay fit and healthy. 
Your results will be recognized with attractive rewards.