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Digital service 

For your convenience, all processes are administered online 24/7. No unnecessary formalities when filing claims and without filling in applications.

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Benefits Handbook

You find everything you need to know about your insurance, limits, coverage and how to use the health services.


Second medical opinion 

For proper treatment of diagnosed critical illness, we offer a second medical opinion from the best clinics in the world.

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10 000 / 15 000 / 30 000 BGN
10 000 / 15 000 / 30 000 BGN
10 000 / 15 000 / 30 000 BGN
Module Outpatient Medical Care
Module Hospital Medical Care
Module Critical Conditions and Second Medical Opinion
Module Health Goods
Module Dental Care
Module Prophylaxis
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Option 2  
Option 3
Detailed information about insurance coverage can be found in the Allianz Health digital platform - Benefits Guide section, tel. 0700 13 014 #3 (on working days) or by sending an inquiry through the contact form here.
Allianz Health medical insurance is a group insurance and is concluded by your Employer. In this case, it is necessary to refer your question to it.

The claim number can be found at:

  • Business Inbox on Viber, SMS or e-mail
  • Digital platform

For assistance, you can also contact our Assistance Center. 

An emergency condition is an acute change in human health, which can lead to severe functional and morphological damage to vital organs and systems.
Visit a medical facility for emergency medical care or call tel. 112.

1. Visited a medical institution with which Allianz Bulgaria has a contract. Identify yourself at the registry with the Allianz Health digital card.

2. In case the medical institution is not part of the Allianz Bulgaria partner network, collect all the necessary medical and financial documents and register your claim here or in the Allianz Health digital platform. The costs are reimbursed under the terms of your insurance.

3. If you need assistance, contact us on tel. 0700 13014 #3.

Register your claim here or contact the Assistance Center to obtain the Individual Notification Number (INU). During non-working hours, you can visit a selected medical institution for emergency or emergency medical care. Collect all medical and financial documents for the health goods and services used. The costs are reimbursed under the terms of your Insurance.
Contact us on tel. 0700 13 014 #3 and we will refer you to a suitable medical institution.

The likely reasons in this case are:

1. There may be an deductible, which is agreed under the insurance conditions. Deductible is the amount with which the insured person participates in covering the expenses for each goods or services used. According to the General Terms and Conditions, the deductible amounts to 20% of the value of the purchased goods or services. For example, if the invoice is worth 100 BGN, for deductibility we will refund you 80 BGN.

2. In cases of partial refusal, familiarize yourself with the written notice we have sent you.

If further clarification is required, contact the Assistance Center.

The hospital is expected to offer you another convenient time.

For convenience and security purposes, the attached documents for all claims can be found in the customer portal My Allianz - section "Health insurance" - menu "My claims".  

After uploading the claim documents, they are visualized in the digital platform within 1 hour.

You can track the status of your claims in the Allianz Health digital platform, the "Claims" menu, as well as in the customer portal My Allianz - "Health Insurance" section - "My Claims" menu. 

The Allianz Health digital platform can be accessed in the following ways:

- by the message received at the conclusion of the insurance. Click on the sent link and select the "Save to Home Screen" button

- by receiving a message when registering a claim

- through the customer portal My Allianz - section "Health insurance", button "My health"

In case you are unable to contact our Assistance Center due to a busy line, we will return a call within 30 minutes.
Registration of a claim is a mandatory condition for the use of health goods and services under the option Reimbursement.

1. Register a claim in the Allianz Health Platform or here.

2. Attach the necessary documents in the platform

3. Select the option "Coordination of highly specialized studies"

4. Within 4 working hours we will provide feedback.

If you need assistance, contact our Assistance Center 0700 13 014 #3.

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