What do you get?   

  • Contactless Visa or Mastercard bank card
  • SMS Alerts and Notifications
  • Safe Card insurance
  • 3D Secure for online payments

Allianz Bank Bulgaria issues debit cards with built-in functionality for making contactless payments, thanks to which your shopping will be faster and more convenient.

The contactless technology allows payment up to BGN 100 without entering a PIN code.  Amounts over BGN 100 can also be paid contactlessly, but you need to enter your PIN code to confirm the payment.  

Contactless payments have the same high level of protection as standard payments through reading the chip on the card.  

  • You can pay at retail outlets around the world at POS terminals with the Visa and Mastercard logos
  • You can pay for goods and services at online merchants with the highest level of protection – 3D Secure
  • You can withdraw cash from an ATM and a POS device at a cash desk in a bank office
  • You can book a service for future use – hotels, car rental, plane tickets and more.
  • In case you forget your PIN code, there is no need to reissue the card, you only need to request the issuance of a new PIN code
  • Balance check which can be performed both in the country and in Member States of the European Union
  • Change of the PIN code on an ATM – in the country and in Member States of the European Union

The Safe Card insurance program is specially developed for the security of your bank card from Allianz Bank. With it you get additional protection of funds on the card, personal documents and keys anywhere in the world, for only 4 stotinki a day.

Advantages of the Safe Card insurance:

  • Valid worldwide
  • You choose the sum insured
  • You have the right to conclude insurance for any debit or credit card issued to an account of yours

Coverage of the Safe Card insurance:

  • Safe Card guarantees security in case of an attempt to illegally withdraw or pay with a stolen or lost card
  • Recovery of personal documents – ID card, driver’s license or passport – stolen or lost with the bank card
  • Recovery of keys for home, car and bank safe.

We offer you three options of the Safe Card insurance:

Insurance coverage

Option I        

Option II       

Option III      

Total sum insured, incl.

BGN 1 600

BGN 2 400

BGN 4 400


BGN 1 200

BGN 2 000

BGN 4 000


BGN 100

BGN 100

BGN 100


BGN 300

BGN 300

BGN 300

Price (insurance premium) for one year

BGN 15.60

BGN 21.70

BGN 36.60

Validity of the Safe Card insurance:

The Safe Card insurance is valid from the moment of conclusion until the expiration of the debit or credit card.

The insurance premium is for a period of one year. Upon expiration of the one-year period, the bank automatically accrues the insurance premium for the next one-year period, every year until the expiration of the insurance. That way, as long as your card is valid, you have a valid insurance.

You can conclude a Safe Card insurance at the nearest Allianz Bank Bulgaria office at any time during the validity of your card, as well as during its issuance.

For detailed information and consultation, welcome to the most convenient for you office of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

3D Secure is a debit and credit card service that provides a high level of security when paying online. For each transaction initiated through a virtual 3D POS terminal, the bank generates and sends to the mobile number specified by the cardholder a unique secret code which serves to confirm the payment. The code is valid for up to 15 minutes from the moment of its generation and can be used only for the transaction for which it was generated.  

Credit cards issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria are pre-registered for the service, and debit cards can be registered at the cardholder’s request or automatically within one working day from the moment of the first transaction on the Internet. The service is completely free for cardholders of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

The secret transaction confirmation code is sent via SMS with the following content:

Vashata ednokratna parola za VbV/SecureCode e 132188 (za plashtane s kod XGEJ) (Your one-time password for VbV / SecureCode is 132188 (for payment with code XGEJ))

The six digits in the text of the SMS represent the secret code and should be entered in the field provided for this purpose when making a transaction. The four letters represent the payment code and serve to link the SMS message to the specific payment – this code is displayed at the top of the web page together with the last four digits of the mobile number to which the SMS with the secret code was sent. The message on the website reads as follows:

For the payment with the letter code XGEJ, enter the six-digit password received via SMS on your mobile phone ******5658.

In the given example, the digits 5658 represent the last four digits of the mobile number to which the SMS was sent.

You can request the generation and sending of a new secret code for the same transaction by selecting the “Generate a new password” option located just below the secret code entry field.

Important features of the service:

  • It is necessary to provide the bank with a mobile phone number issued by a Bulgarian mobile operator;
  • SMS is also sent in cases when the number is in roaming;
  • With three consecutive incorrectly entered secret codes, the bank blocks the sending of new codes. In this case, you should visit a bank office to request unblocking of the service;
  • Upon generation of a new secret code for the same transaction three times, the bank blocks the sending of new codes. In this case, you should visit a bank office to request unblocking of the service.

Cards that have been registered for the service using a fixed secret code will be automatically subscribed to receive a secret code via SMS.

3D Secure for secure payments on the Internet!

With the SMS Alert service of Allianz Bank you receive an SMS message to a specified mobile phone number for each transaction performed by you with a current account, credit card, debit card, savings card and all types of fixed-term deposits.

You receive an SMS within 10 minutes after performing an operation of the following types:

  • deposit to / withdrawal from current account, credit, debit and savings card;
  • received / ordered cash or non-cash transfer from a current account;
  • withdrawal from an ATM;
  • payment of bills at an ATM
  • withdrawal at POS in a bank
  • payment at POS with a merchant
  • payment on the Internet
  • withdrawal / deposit on fixed-term deposit
  • installments on loans and credit cards

Each message contains detailed information about the performed transaction:

  • Account with which the operation was performed
  • Amount and currency
  • Beneficiary
  • Result of the operation

Amount available on the account after the transaction.

In order to use the Allianz Bank Bulgaria service, you must have a card issued by Allianz Bank Bulgaria, a current account opened with the bank or a fixed-term deposit.

The price of each generated alert depends on the prepaid number of messages:

  • 50 messages with a unit price of BGN 0.12 – total value BGN 6.00
  • 150 messages with a unit price of BGN 0.12 – total value BGN 18.00
  • 500 messages with a unit price of BGN 0.10 – total value BGN 50.00

General conditions for registration and use of the services "SMS Notification" and "Allianz electronic reports" valid until 15.01.2017.

General conditions for registration and use of the services "SMS Notification" and "Allianz electronic reports" in force from 16.01.2017.

Overseas coverage is valid for an unlimited number of trips within 365 days (with a maximum duration of each individual trip of up to 30 days and a total of up to 180 days for all trips).

Insurance coverage is activated by purchasing a travel package or part of it/ticket for airplane, bus or other means of transportation, hotel reservation, rent-a-car/ or other travel-related service using the insured card on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or when using the insured card at ATMs or POS terminals abroad during the trip.

In case of insurance event (accident), the Insured or the persons accompanying him should promptly, within 24 hours of the occurrence, contact the Assistance company/Insurer on 24-hour duty telephones +359 2 9503850, e-mail: assistance.at@allianz.com.

The insurance is valid only for cards which are part of one of the following package programs: Allianz Start, Allianz Start +, Allianz Start ++.

Travel Assistance Insurance Certificate

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