The insurance covers the liability of the insured in their capacity of:

Limits of indemnity for Private Liability

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Third Party Liability
Any claim (including series of claims)
All claims during the insurance period

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The insurance provides safety and peace of mind in cases where the insured legally liable to pay on the basis of claims of third parties as compensation of damages, caused during the insurance period, as well as the costs of settling claims approved by Allianz Bulgaria.

Private Liability for Individuals is also designed for:

  • Owner of domestic animals and bees, excluding dogs, cattle, saddle and draught animals
  • A person exercising  sports activities other than hunting, rowing
  • Sailing and water motorsports
  • Cyclist
  • By agreement, the coverage can be extended with additional coverages in respect of owners of dogs, cattle, saddle and draught animals, properties that the insured does not use personally, repair works (up to a certain value) of the property described in the policy in terms of damage caused by the insured and / or persons entrusted with the design, management of the works and / or their execution; regulated hunting and water sports (rowing, sailing and water motorsports).

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