Variety of leasing schemes


The presence of a bank loan does not in any way affect the application and granting of a lease, as long as its servicing is regular and the monthly income is sufficient to cover both debts.
No. It is possible for the financing and payment to be in a different currency, as long as there is a clearly defined currency conversion rate or a certain exchange rate.
The advance payment is due at the conclusion of the lease agreement. It represents the down payment on the part of the lessee, calculated as a percentage of the value of the leased asset.  Its payment is a condition for starting the lease agreement.
There are two options:
1.    The amount (deposit, advance) paid to the asset supplier can be offset by a tripartite agreement which regulates the cash flow between the Lessee, the Lessor and the Supplier
2.    After signing the lease agreement, the Supplier can issue a credit notice for the amount paid (deposit, advance) and refund it to the Lessee, who in turn should pay the full amount of the advance payment to the Lessor, and they should pay the asset to the Supplier.

We can give you several options:
1.    Fill in a Lease Application and send it to us
2.    Contact us

3.    Online application  

Regardless of our response, the customer does not owe a fee for reviewing a lease application.
This is the right move. You must first choose your asset and supplier, and then the financing institution. If you have any hesitations or concerns, we can always advise you.
This is the right move. You must first choose your asset and supplier, and then the financing institution. If you have any hesitations or concerns, we can always advise you.
You can contact the leasing expert with whom you have signed the lease agreement;
To any employee of the company at the following addresses, telephone numbers and contact email.
Yes. This is done by incurring debt to another lessee. For this purpose, it is necessary for you to have paid all debt that has arisen at that moment and the new lessee must provide the necessary documents for approval of the replacement . According to the general tariff of the company, the new lessee pays  after signing the replacement agreement.

Yes, Allianz Leasing Bulgaria provides an opportunity to repay the debt before the expiration of the financial lease agreement. For this purpose, the lessee should notify Allianz Leasing Bulgaria in writing and pay the full amount of the principal balance according to the repayment plan. We do not collect a penalty for early repayment of a financial lease agreement.


Yes, a power of attorney is required, especially when leaving the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Allianz Leasing Bulgaria provides to its customers every first power of attorney for the respective year free of charge. If you have lost it, please contact your leasing expert.
We send them by courier to the mailing address specified by you in the lease agreement. At your request, you can also get them directly from the office of Allianz Leasing Bulgaria.
Insurance premiums are always paid to Allianz Leasing Bulgaria. Your agreement contains an e-mail for correspondence to which notifications are sent for amounts due under the insurance policies. They also indicate the bank account to which they must be paid.

Registration of damages in ZAD Allianz is done on a single customer service number 070013014.

Damages abroad are registered on + 359 700 13 014 , +359 2 930 24 24  and document.s from the local competent authorities are required

NB: After registration of the damage, the respective vehicle must be presented for inspection and photography in the Liquidation Centers of ZAD Allianz Bulgaria.

You, must notify us. You can do this by submitting an application in one of the following ways by e-mail or in one of the offices of the company .
Yes. For your convenience, Allianz Leasing Bulgaria maintains an electronic portal, where you can register and follow on-line all your invoices, payments, insurances, as well as generate various reports.
If have not registered yet, contact your leasing expert or  pay us a visit.

You can contact your leasing expert who will provide you with the necessary information related to your transaction.


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