Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions related to the registration and use of Evrotrust services.
Evrotrust is mobile application, which provides cloud-based authentication services for issuing qualified electronic signatures. It is also used for remote user identification. For more information, see here.
Identification of portals My Allianz and My Pension portals for users with Personal Identification Numbers (EGN) is carried out through Evrotrust. To use the portal services, it is necessary to install the Evrotrust application on your mobile device and register by entering a PIN code, scanning your ID card (on both sides) and your face. 
My Allianz and My Pension portals can be accessed only trough identification with Evrotrust. 

A possible reason might be that your Evrotrust registration is not completed, and the entered details are not confirmed. For this purpose, enter the six-digits code which you have received via email or SMS.

If you have missed this step during your registration, please go to the “Settings” menu, where the missing confirmations are marked.

Unsuccessful registration with Evrotrust can be due to other factors as well, such as expired identity document, discrepancies between the photos on the identity document and the one that you have taken now (selfie) and others.

Please note that access to Allianz Bulgaria’s portals is granted only after completing the registration process in the Evrotrust application.

The error might be a result of uncompleted registration in Evrotrust or an expired validity of personal document and outdated data in the Evrotrust application. Please check if the data in Evrotrust is up to date (for example a change in personal document).

Creating a profile with username and password is necessary only for customers who are foreign persons.

To login to your customer profile in My Allianz and My pension portals, if you have a Personal Identification Number, it is necessary to enter either: your Personal Identification Number, your phone number, or your email address. After that you need to confirm the login request via Evrotrust application.

The registration process for foreign persons advances through two stages. The first stage requires from the customer to register and configure its mobile device for two-factor authentication (2FA). The second stage for login into the portals requires identification with an operator.
In this case your registration is not finished. Please check your email for a letter from Allianz, containing verification instructions concerning your registration. You should also check the Spam (Junk; Other) folders. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please make sure to contact us via phone +359 700 13014 or via email
After you click on “Forgotten password” you will be able to type your email address. After that you will receive an email containing guidelines for password resetting.
If the browser has been closed, session has expired or the browser has disconnected, you will need to restart the process of submitting documents for signing through the My Pension portal.

To download the documents, it is necessary to permit the pop-up windows on your browser for Allianz’s portals.

  • For Google Chrome: Settings > Advanced settings > Content settings > From there allow “Pop-ups and redirects”
  • For Mozilla Firefox: Settings > “Privacy and security” > Permissions > Remove the check on “Block pop-up windows”
  • For Microsoft Edge > Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Pop-ups and redirects > Turn off “Blocked”
For detailed information, please click on “Details for insurance product”, go to the "List of documents" section and click on the "Download" button next to Policy Info. The information will be opened on a new tab in your browser.  

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