Product features


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Policy duration - 5 years
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Minimum investment premium - EUR 100 000
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  • Fixed indemnity of EUR 100 000 in case of death as a result of an accident
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What do we offer?

A fund investing in green bonds.

Green bonds promote sustainable development and fund projects related to the fight against climate change.

Green bond fund Information document

A fund investing in global stock markets with a strong focus on companies that are seriously engaged in managing water resources or improving water supply, efficiency or quality.

Global Water fund Information document

A fund investing in shares of global companies that are extremely engaged in the field of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Information document

It invests in well-positioned topics that enable capital growth from mega trends (Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization, Technological Development in Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Environmental Protection, etc.).

Thematica fund Information document

A fund investing in euro euro bonds, deposits and money market instruments from around the world.

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