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Especially for students, graduate students and doctoral candidates, Allianz Bank Bulgaria has created the package product Allianz Academica which fully meets the needs of young people to bank in a modern and secure way.

  • The Allianz Academica package includes:
  • Current account;
  • Contactless debit card Debit Mastercard with exclusive payment preferences;
  • 3D Secure of the debit card for more secure payments on the Internet;
  • Internet banking and mobile banking;
  • SMS Alert when there is an activity on the current account.

Users of the Allianz Academica package have the right to request a credit card from Allianz Bank Bulgaria under the following preferential terms:

  • No issuance fee;
  • 50% discount from the annual service fee.

Ensure peace and comfort with automatic payment of utility bills.

With the service for automatic payment of utility bills, you can pay your liabilities for used utilities such as electricity, water, telephone and others, through the debit, savings or credit card issued by Allianz Bank.

The service is provided by the operator DATAMAX AD and gives you the opportunity, through a card registered by you, to pay all specified subscription ( numbers to suppliers of:

  • Telephone
  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Water
  • Cable TV
  • Internet

according to the list of merchants provided.


  • Free registration in the Electronic Utility Bills system;
  • The bank makes the payment of utility bills for you;
  • You maintain control over the payments of your monthly bills;
  • You receive SMS and / or e-mail notifications about your bills and about the payments made;
  • You receive SMS / e-mail notifications in case of unsuccessful payment;
  • You set the maximum amount for one payment;

You can change the terms of the service at any time or cancel it.

In order to use the service, it is necessary to conclude an Additional Agreement with the bank and to register in the Electronic Utility Bills system.

Request - Contract for registration for use of services through the system of DATAMAX AD - for


Request - Contract for registration for use of services through the system of DATAMAX AD - for legal entities

Tariff of the operator DATAMAX when generating notifications for successful / unsuccessful payments of electronic utility bills.

  • Registration in the Electronic Utility Bills system                     free

  • Receipt of an SMS notification for an upcoming or made payment BGN 0.10
  • Receipt of an e-mail for an upcoming or made payment   BGN 0.05

    For detailed information and consultation, welcome to the most convenient for you financial center of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

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