to provide adequate protection for you and your favorite car.

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Motor Third Party Liability
Legal Expenses
Road Side Assistance (base)
Personal Accident (base)
Natural Perils
Fire, Explosion, Implosion
Animal Collision
Personal Accident (extended)
Road Side Assistance (extended)
Theft and Robbery
Glass/ windshields
Traffic accident or own damage (parking)
Financial loss from vehicle impairment (where applicable)

What to do in case of damage?

Call us. Our experts will provide you with competent assistance.
You need help on the road?  Call 070013014 and benefit your road side assistance coverage, 24/7.
Track the progress of your claim with our Claims Tracker digital tool


You can pay the insurance premium or a separate installment: on our bank account; remotely via E-pay; in each of our offices or in one of Easy Pay’s branches.  
If you have left a mobile phone number or email, you will receive a reminder SMS/email message within 7 days after the due date of your payment. In case you do not pay on time, the insurance will be terminated according to the agreed terms in the policy.
All changes to the insurance should be made in writing with an annex to the policy.
Inform the competent authorities (including call the emergency number 112) and us of the occurrence of the insurance event. You can choose how to make your claim by preparing the relevant proofs under item 2.4.1 of the Benefits Guide depending on the insurance event. You can contact the 24-hour assistance center at 0700 13 014.
Contact us and we will guide you in the most appropriate way depending on the type of event. 

It is important to notify the police immediately and follow their instructions. You can use the emergency number 112 for this purpose;

  • Contact us within 25 hours in one of the ways outlined in section 2.4.1 of the Benefits Guide;
  • In case of theft or robbery, you must visit one of our offices within 25 hours after finding out.  
In case of an insurance event under MTPL insurance you must notify us within 7 business days. In case of theft/robbery of the car, the notification deadline is 25 hours after finding out and in case the deadline expires on a non-business day – by the end of the first business day after the expiration of the 25-hour deadline. In all other cases under a MOD insurance as well as the Personal Accident and Legal Expenses, you must notify us within 5 business days.
You must provide us with your vehicle for inspection within 5 business days of notification of the insurance event. It is important that you do not repair your vehicle before we perform the damages’ inspection.
We are obliged to determine, pay or refuse a reasoned payment within no more than 15 business days upon receiving all the necessary documents and proofs under the insurance event.


If the car is covered by the scope of Road Side Assistance, call 0700 13 014 and we will give you clear and precise instructions on what to do and, if necessary, we will send the emergency road services to assist you on the spot.

You must carry a Green Card certificate when traveling for: Republic of Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Republic of Belarus; Republic of Northern Macedonia; Islamic Republic of Iran; Montenegro; Kingdom of Morocco; Russian Federation; Republic of Moldova; Republic of Tunisia; Republic of Turkey; Ukraine; Republic of Azerbaijan.
As soon as you find out that you have lost, damaged or completely destroyed your Green Card certificate, contact us for specific guidance. We will issue you a new Green Card.
When transferring the ownership of the car you need to take the insurance documents from the previous owner. You and the previous owner must notify us in writing for the transfer within 7 days and provide us with a copy of the contract.