Easy steps for secure online payments

Black Friday is coming and with it the crazy shopping for discounted goods on the Internet. More and more of us prefer to shop online, because everything is quick and easy, saves time and nerves, and let's not forget the current situation in which it is not recommended to go around the physical stores.

As the amount of electronic payments increases, so do the number of people trying to steal valuable information and misuse personal data and finances. To be completely safe while shopping with your bank card, you need to be aware of all the threats that lurk. You can protect yourself only when you are informed.

Here are some tips that we hope will minimize the chances of someone breaking your security when paying online.

  • Choose e-shops that you know or have researched in advance.
  • Always use a secure web browser. Watch for the letter that follows "http" in the webpage's URL (URL) and the encrypted padlock.
  • Choose sites that are included in the secure payment programs of Mastercard and Visa bank cards.
  • Check your bank statements. In a situation of social isolation, e-banking is your valuable helper.
  • Register your cards for the SMS notification service. You can monitor  your funds and payments that are made with your card in real time.
  • Never e-mail your debit / credit card information or use it as proof of your identity.
  • Do not disclose information such as credit card number, CVC number and validity date to a third party.


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