The best time of the year is upon us - a time spent with family, loved ones and friends. A time of comfort, happiness and peace.

In the midst of the holiday spirit, our cities and homes sparkle with Christmas lights. Instead of setting the mood, however, they often cause trouble. Statistics show that the Holidays around the world are some of the busiest days for firefighters. All too often, people leave Christmas lights on when they travel, and they can cause fires. A little-known fact is that most lights work on a voltage of 12 volts, not 220, which is the standart electrical networks in households. A converter is required for the safe operation of the decoration. If one is missing, they should not be left unattended.

Many fires are also caused by the New Year's fireworks. Despite the bans, this favorite pastime turned out to be fatal for quite a few people. Fireworks should not be left unattended and in the hands of children. They can harm both the children themselves and cause damage to cars, houses and property.

Christmas is a family holiday and many of us travel to spend it with our loved ones. However, our home is left alone during the holidays and we need to make sure that there are no unforeseen surprises.

If we are away for a long time it is good to leave our home warm. Did you know that you can avoid bursted pipes if the temperature in the room is at least 10 degrees. So make sure that you have closed all the windows.

Leaving food in the fridge? Carefully review the expiration dates on all products before you leave. This way you will avoid moldy and spoiled food in the fridge and you will save on cleaning after you get home.

And most importantly, the holidays will be more peaceful if you don't worry about whether you have locked your home and activated the security system. It usually takes 15 seconds for an experienced thief to break in, Allianz SE says. He'll probably give up if he can't get into your home within two to five minutes. Solid doors with good latches and windows with locks make it more difficult and time consuming.