The balance between work and rest - the basis of happiness and productivity

How important is it to rest and is it the key to our health?
Recent studies show that work-life balance is of great importance not only to our mental health, but also to our physical health. Scientists from Western Europe studied over 20,000 people of working age from 27 European countries. Participants who work long shifts have significantly worse health outcomes. This phenomenon is observed in both men and women. The 5 health indicators of the World Health Association (WHO 5 well-being index) were used as a criteria for conducting the study. Conflicts both at work and at home have also been found to have a significant impact on a person's health. Differences are also observed on a geographical basis. Participants from countries on the Scandinavian peninsula report a much better balance between work and leisure, while countries from Eastern and Southern Europe rank lowest.
Another study shows that 73% of people who return from vacation are statistically happier. The hormone of happiness is very important for a number of processes in the human body, including good sleep, productivity and energy levels during the day. Rest has the strongest effect on a person's emotional and mental state, but also, surprisingly, on his relationships with other people and the desire to learn. The researchers who conducted the study say that there are many benefits of taking time off, regardless of the participants' age, and that it increases employees' sense of satisfaction.

"Many people work so much that they lose all sense of their own bodies. They only use their bodies the way you use a mobile phone or the Internet. They're always on, always set to "receive" " – says Professor Markku Wilenius, Senior Vice President for Group Development at Allianz SE.

A person spends an average of 11 years of his life working, but for the holidays it is most important to be healthy and to enjoy the time with our loved ones. Therefore, each of us should strive for good balance and good health.