Dear customers,

In June 2020, Allianz Bank Bulgaria signed a strategic partnership agreement with Mastercard, thanks to which we are expanding the functionality of our product portfolio with innovative bank card payment solutions.

The partnership with Mastercard provides access to a number of benefits and privileges when paying to selected merchants in Bulgaria and around the world. Each cardholder can actively participate in a number of attractive campaigns and initiatives for shopping, travel and entertainment.

We would like to inform you that as beginning of October 2020, the bank has suspended the issuance of debit and credit VISA cards. As of 30.04.2021 the maintenance of the already issued VISA cards and the possibility to make payments with them will be stopped.

If you are a cardholder of a bank card from Allianz Bank Bulgaria, issued by VISA, please consider that it will be automatically replaced with a new Mastercard - free of charge and without changing your existing terms of use.


How will you receive your new Mastercard?

Your new Mastercard bank card will be issued latest till 15.12.2020 and will be delivered to the bank office you have selected to receive your existing debit or credit card.
For your convenience, a bank expert will contact you by phone when the new card is ready and delivered to your servicing bank office. If necessary, you can request delivery of the card in another convenient for you office (including in another city).

Please keep in mind that your current VISA card will be deactivated as of 30th of April, 2021, after that you will not be able to make any kind of payments with it.

How to activate my new Mastercard?

When receiving your new card at a bank office, the bank expert will activate it along with deactivating your current card.

Questions & Answers

The new card, whether debit or credit, will have the same conditions as the one that will be replaced.
The existing credit limit of your current credit card will be automatically transferred to the new Mastercard. The interest rates and the amount of the minimum repayment installment on your card remain unchanged. Unpayed credit card balances will be automatically converted by the new credit card.
The date of the monthly payment does not change, as well as the due date for payment.
All payment methods remain the same:

  • With a bank transfer via Internet banking Allianz E-Bank
  • Automatic payment transaction from a current account in Allianz Bank Bulgaria
  • With a bank transfer or postal order to IBAN, linked to your credit card and listed in your monthly statement
  • In a bank office
There is no need to make an additional registration of your new Mastercard card in Allianz E-Bank. The information about the new card will automatically appear in the platform.
Your available subscriptions for SMS/ email notifications and their set parameters will remain the same.
When receiving the new card at the bank office, make sure that the bank employee has re-registered your card for receiving SMS/ email notifications.
In case your existing debit or credit card is registered in payment sites and e-merchants (such as ePay, PayPal, etc.), it is necessary to update the registration with the number of your new Mastercard card.

Do you need help?

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