The world around us is changing rapidly and financial services along with it. The Renewal Agenda makes sure we keep building on our strong foundations and reinforce our leading possitions by focusing our efforts in strategic pillars: True Customer Centricity, Digital by Default, Technical Excellence, Growth Engines and Inclusive Meritrocracy.
In a culture of Inclusive Meritocracy
count and define individual performance at Allianz
set the aspiration for how each and every one of us should act

Since 1890, all around the globe, we at Allianz have been working hard to secure people’s lives and to give courage to our customers for what’s ahead.

We are actuaries, advisors and service agents; engineers, lawyers and technology experts; we are daughters and sons, mothers and fathers, accountants, investors and entrepreneurs – and together we are shaping our industry.

Because we know how important it is to have a fair partner at your side who provides solid and sustainable solutions, we strive to do it right – with passion, every day.