Open boxing training with the support of Allianz Bulgaria

April 12th 2022

Stoyka Krasteva, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic gold medalist, held an outdoor boxing training session on April 9th. More than 30 children took part in the event.

During the unusual event, the participants, including the children of Allianz employees, had the opportunity to learn live some of the basic techniques of boxing and receive valuable advice personally from the champion. The young people from Lokomotiv Boxing Club took part in the training - they demonstrated fighting movements and rules for the successful implementation of offensive and defensive actions with a lot of enthusiasm and positive energy.

As an insurance partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, Allianz is committed to promoting the sport among young people. Games, boxing and good mood - that was the spirit of the event. The goal of the training was exactly that - to motivate the children, to move and do more sports.

Stoyka Krasteva,  Allianz Bulgaria's athlete ambassador, has been extremely successful in inspiring young people. The event made us all look forward to the next generation of children who will grow up healthy and full of energy.