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Main parameters

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Legal entities (Individuals can also use the product, but cannot refund VAT)
Minimum funded amount
5 000 EUR
up to 72 months
Downpayment, excl. VAT
min. 15%
Residual value
Paid in advance at the beginning of the period upon acceptance of the asset
Leasing scheme
Annuity monthly installments (equal principal option is possible)
Age of the leased assets
Max  7-year old at contract maturity
Insurance protection
Insurance against all inherent risks in favour of Allianz Leasing Bulgaria EAD. The insurer for the term of the lease agreement is ZAD Allianz Bulgaria

Financial lease with transfer of ownership is suitable for

Machinery and construction equipment
Agriculture machinery
Cars & Vans

Trucks, trailers and buses


Financial lease agreement with transfer of ownership is subject to:

  • explicit clause for the transfer of ownership of asset to the lessee;
  • transfer of ownership at the expiration of the lease agreement.

Features of this type of contracts

VAT is charged immediately after the acceptance of the leased object to the customer and paid by the lesee.The VAT  base of the asset is repaid in installments according to the repayment plan.  

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Product documents


Forms, sample contracts, templates, insurance conditions, info-sheets and other useful documents.