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What is covered?

Goods in transit at the risk of the Insured.

Scope of insurance cover?

  • We insure cargo in course of its  international transport in accordance with the policy terms and condition and:  
          -  Institute Cargo Clauses (A) -1.1.82
          -  Institute Cargo Clauses (B) -1.1.82
          -  Institute Cargo Clauses (C) -1.1.82
  • Policy territory
  • We insure goods and transit on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria as defined in our General Conditions of Insurance of Cargo in Transit for the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

Coverage extension

Additional risks to be covered upon request and payment of extra premium:  war risks, strikes, riots and civil commotions as per Institute Cargo Clauses.

Period of insurance

To activate the insurance cover premiums shall be paid upfront, upon policy reciept  or within two days in case of a bank transfer.

Insurance premium

The premium is calculated as a percentage of the value of the insured goods in transit and is correlated to the nature of the transported goods, their packaging, the type of transport, the requested coverage, the destination and other rating factors.

Insurance  idemnity

The insurance  indemnity is the actual extent of the loss or damage as of the date of occurrence of the insurance event. 

Subject of insurance

Vessels – hull, machinery and other equipment necessary for normal navigation.
Interests of the customer arising and related to the vessels.


  • Partial loss of the vessel
  • Collision Liability
  • General average and salvage

Additional coverages

  • War and strikes risks
  • Disbursement

Sum insured

The sum insured is determined on the basis of a sale contract, invoice, market evaluation or is subject to agreement.

Third Party Liability for Vessels

What is covered:

Losses and/or expenses that you as an insured must pay for property damage or bodily injuty caused to third parties in connection with ownership and/or use of vessels.

Limit of liability

The limit of liability is agreed between the parties.

Subject of insurance

All aircraft are insured under Hull:

  • total loss (real or constructive)
  • partial loss


Basic cover

The insurance covers all risks that may arise:

  • during take-off
  • flight
  • landing
  • taxiing the aircraft

Subject to indemnity are also additional reasonable extraordinary expenses incurred as necessary by the insured, for the immediate security of the aircraft in case of damage or forced landing (https://www.allianz.bg/bg_BG/business/common-insurance/transport.html#) – up to 10% of the amount agreed for this purpose.

Additional coverage

If agreed, the following risks may be included in the cover:

  • war
  • strikes

Sum Insured

The sum insured  is determined on the basis of a sale contract or is subject to agreement between Allianz Bulgaria and the customer.

Subject of insurance

Losses and/or expenses for bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties in connection with the ownership and/or use of the insured aircrafts.

Litigation amounts claimed against the insured as  result of the above event. 

Costs awarded against the insured are also covered.

Liability to passengers

The amounts claimed as litigation costs against the insured as a result of: 

  • accidental bodily injury to passengers when embarking or disembarking an aircraft;
  • loss of or damage to passengers’ luggage and personal belongings in the event of an aircraft accident.


The limit of liability shall be agreed upon with you. 

Subject of  insurance

Yachts – hull and equipment

Interests of the insured arising from the direct use of the vessel.

Basic cover

  • Hull - damage to the hull and all associated equipment necessary for the normal navigation / operation of the vessel
  • Damage to the hull
  • Sinking
  • Debris removal
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Natural hazards
  • Risks in case of transporting the vessel by land 
  • Risks when lifting and lowering from a stack

Third party liability (excluding crew members) and their property, port facilities and “collision” liability.

Additional coverage

War and strikes risks

Sum insured

The sum insured is determined on the basis of a sale contract, invoice,  market evaluation or is subject to negotiation between Allianz Bulgaria and the customer.

Wе insure the Liability of transport companies licensed for international and local transportation for losses and/or damage to goods occurred during transportations with own and/or rented vehicles specified in the insurance policy.
The insurance is only for transport companies, Bulgarian legal entities and vehicles registered in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Insurance cover as per:

For international carriage subject to the CMR Convention:

  • General Conditions of the Carrier’s Liability Insurance, according to the CMR Convention CMR Convention.
  • For carriage on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, subject to the Road Transport Law:
  • General Conditions of the Carrier’s Liability Insurance for the Territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, dated 01.04.2013,
  • Road Transport Law dated 27.09.1999, and its subsequent amendments.

Insurance contract:

The customer provides pre-contractual information in a Questionnaire / Declaration form.

Period of the insurance:

12 months from the date specified by the customer, which may not be earlier than 00.00 on the day following the written request for insurance.