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Maximum amount
BGN 35 000 or the equivalent in EUR, but not more than three times the average monthly credit turnover of a POS terminal
12 months with the possibility of multiple extensions (renewal)
Pledge of receivables on accounts in the Bank. Owners are involved in the transaction as co-debtors.
7.50% variable interest rate formed as a sum of 6-month SOFIBOR / EURIBOR and a margin
Fees and discounts


  • Preliminary review and preparation of an opinion on received loan applications – BGN 50
  • Annual management fee – 0.35%, payable monthly
  • Commitment fee – 1% on the unused part of the agreed amount
  • Fee for renegotiation of loan terms – 1% of the limit, min. BGN 100

Discounts in price parameters when using other services.

Who is the loan for?

Legal entities and sole traders with annual net sales revenues up to BGN 500 000 and with a minimum of 2 years of history and market experience.

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