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The pension insurance products of Allianz Bulgaria will also be offered in the offices of Raiffeisenbank

1 July 2021 

Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) and Allianz Bulgaria Pension Insurance Company launch a partnership in the field of Voluntary pension funds. The two companies, which are among the leaders on the Bulgarian market in the banking and insurance sectors, respectively, are joining forces in their efforts to meet the needs of customers.

In its offices Raiffeisenbank will offer the full range of pension insurance products of POD Allianz Bulgaria - additional mandatory pension insurance in a universal and professional pension fund (the so-called second pillar) and a voluntary pension fund (third pillar). Supplementary pension insurance is a long-term form of saving and is among the most effective ways to achieve better old-age incomes. In addition, pension funds provide an opportunity to obtain investment returns in an environment of low interest rates on bank deposits and savings accounts. Through the partnership with Allianz Bulgaria, Raiffeisenbank is about to take another step towards providing comprehensive consulting and customer service at all stages of their lives.

POD Allianz Bulgaria is part of the world leader in financial services Allianz SE. The company is well known on the Bulgarian market of supplementary pension insurance. According to the Financial Supervision Commission, as of 31.03.2021 the net assets of Allianz Bulgaria Voluntary Pension Fund represent 45.4% of the assets of all voluntary pension funds in the country.

The partnership agreement was signed by Oliver Rögl, Chairman of the Management Board of Raiffeisenbank, Ani Angelova, Executive Director of Retail Banking, Raiffeisenbank, Ioannis Kotsianos, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Allianz Bulgaria and Vladislav Rusev, Chief Executive Officer of POD Allianz.

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