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Up-to-date information
on prevention measures taken

Last updated 22.07.2021

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Dear customers,

In connection with the state of emergency declared by the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, related to the spread of COVID 19, we are introducing special anti-epidemic measures in order to limit its spread and protect clients and employees. The Allianz Bulgaria team closely monitors the situation and takes a number of preventive measures in line with the recommendations and best practices of the Allianz Group around the world.

Frequently asked questions

You need to have active Allianz E-Bank and Allianz M-Bank Internet banking.  Its advantages are:

  • access to your finances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You manage all your Allianz Bank accounts from one place, no matter where you are – at home or abroad;
  • lower costs – no fee for registration and maintenance of the service. Fees for performed banking operations are lower compared to fees for similar operations performed in a bank office;
  • security – the application for identification and login to the Internet banking Allianz SmartID provides additional protection of your data and information.

If you still do not have Internet banking, be quick and visit the nearest Allianz Bank  office.

Please find out about the current working hours of the branch network here. Our teams work with the highest security and protection measures.

If you have active banking, you can perform a full range of banking services: 

  • transfers in BGN and foreign currency to accounts in the bank or to accounts in other banks;
  • transfers to the budget;
  • making inquiries about movements and balance on your accounts in the bank;
  • payment of utility bills, loan payments, insurance, etc .;
  • submitting an application for a consumer loan, for an overdraft and for issuing a credit card*;
  • submitting an application for cash withdrawals.

If you have passive banking, you can:

  • check the current availability of your bank accounts (current, savings, etc.) and monitor the movement on them;
  • check your utility bills
  • monitor your pension insurance account in Allianz Bulgaria;
  • apply for cash withdrawals, debit and credit card issuance, overdraft and consumer loan.
You can find more information here.
*When submitting an online application for a loan product, a one-time visit to a bank office is required to sign the necessary documents.

In these situations, what is necessary is user identification and an explicit written order on their part to unblock and/ or change the username/ password.

This can happen in one of the following ways:
  • For customers with a qualified electronic signature (QES) – send by e-mail a completed order according to the form of the bank  to the office servicing you. The message must be signed with the customer’s QES.
  • For customers who do not have a QES – you need to visit the office  of Allianz Bank Bulgaria which is most convenient for you.

You can open an online savings account and a fixed-term deposit if you have active Allianz E-Bank Internet banking. In an Online Savings Account, you can top up, withdraw funds at any time and monitor the balance on the account. More information about the types of fixed-time deposits can be found here.
Through the Allianz E-Bank Internet banking, in the “Services” menu, you can pay bills to over 100 service providers – electricity supply companies, water supply companies, district heating, Internet providers, mobile operators, security systems, professional house managers, etc.
You need to have active banking and register once through a customer or subscriber number, according to the requirements of the respective provider.
With this service, you can pay many bills at once or single ones to a specific provider.

The service is free and no payment fee is due.

Your Allianz Bank accounts and bank cards appear automatically. If you do not see an open account, you can register the account yourself via the “Settings” menu of the e-banking.

In order to add accounts of legal entities, it is necessary to submit an application to an office of the bank.

You can perform the following operations at Allianz Bank ATMs:
  • cash withdrawal;
  • information about account balance and the last 5 transactions;
    payment of utility bills (electricity, heating, telephone);
  • change of PIN.
The card is valid until the end of the month indicated on the plastic card. The validity period is a prop recorded in the chip of the plastic card and cannot be extended technically. 
Debit cards are renewed automatically and you will receive an SMS message.  New cards can be taken from your servicing office, together with the new PIN code.

If you wish for the receipt of the new card to be confirmed, you can contact your servicing office for information.
Forwarding of already issued new cards to an office other than the servicing one is done at your explicit request, indicating the selected office. When this is done in the month preceding the month indicated on the card, the service is free. Example: if the validity date of the card is 05/20, the notification must be made no later than the end of April. When the card is already issued and the customer wishes for it to be delivered to another office, a fee is paid according to the bank’s tariff. 

Credit cards are repaid through the funds in the account servicing the credit card. In this case, we advise you to save your payment order in e-banking as a Template so that you can use it in the future.     

You can also request automatic monthly repayment of your credit card debt. You do not need to monitor every month whether you have made a credit card payment to Allianz Bank. Specify another account of yours in Allianz Bank and we will transfer funds from one account to another on a monthly basis. You can choose whether the repayment is the amount of the minimum installment or the amount of the full credit card debt. All you have to do is make sure that there is enough cash in the source account, we will take care of the rest. The service is completely free and can be activated in any office of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.  

Allianz Bank is a responsible financial institution and will help its customers to find the best solution for servicing loan commitments.  Any customer who experiences or expects difficulties in paying the installments can apply to the bank for relief.

Our advice in this case is to contact your servicing office where the loan agreement is concluded. You need to indicate the amount of the installment that you can and would like to pay and for what period you want to use the relief measures. Based on the information received, we will offer you the most appropriate solution for the specific case.

You can request the issuance of a bank certificate in one of the following ways:
  • For customers with a qualified electronic signature (QES) – by sending a request by e-mail to the servicing office, as the message must be signed with the customer’s QES. In this case, the certificate will be sent to you in electronic format signed by the bank with a QES.
  • For customers who do not have a QES – you need to visit a bank office, and you can choose a convenient / nearest to you office of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

QES portal of PIC Allianz Bulgaria through which individuals can submit applications for initial selection or change of participation (transfer) quickly, easily and conveniently, without visiting a notary to perform notarization of the signature.
Online check of accumulated funds in an individual account.
Information on the value of one unit of the pension funds managed by PIC Allianz Bulgaria.
Submission of an application for electronic services with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).
Submission of documents for payment of funds electronically with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).
Stay home! The health of our employees and customers is paramount! Contact us on the toll-free national telephone number 0700 13 014.  We will register the claim, and our experts from Liquidation of Damages will inform you about the next steps in its processing, about the options for payment of the indemnity and / or for repair of the car. By email or SMS, you will receive a link from Claims Tracker through which you can monitor the 24/7 status of your claim. Through the link you have the opportunity to evaluate our processes and the repair shop to which you are directed for car repair, on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.
In connection with the state of emergency, we at Allianz extend the deadlines for registration of insurance claims from 5 to 30 days.

There is no change in our working hours in connection with the imposed state of emergency. We work with customers from 8:00 to 17:30.
For us at Allianz, the health and safety of our employees and customers is paramount! Please, before visiting the Liquidation Center, first call us at tel. 0700 13014. Our experts will offer you possible service options.
In about 90% of cases, we can serve you remotely without the need to visit the Liquidation Center.

We recommend that you visit the Liquidation Center only in case of urgency and after you have called the toll-free tel. 0700 13014!
In case your visit to the Liquidation Center is unavoidable, you should keep in mind that we at Allianz observe a high degree of disinfection of the premises and all necessary measures have been taken to protect our employees and customers!
It is important to know that when visiting the Allianz Liquidation Center, it is necessary to get out of the car and follow the safety instructions of our employees. Observe a minimum distance of 2 m from other visitors, as well as the prescribed access restrictions.

Of course! If you have additional coverage to the insurance for Road Side Assistance, you need to call our toll-free tel. 0700 13014. The operator will assist you in the best possible way and according to the coverage of your insurance.
Call the national tel. 0700 13 014. Our experts will register your claim. You will receive the number of the registered insurance claim by e-mail or SMS, and depending on the degree of damage, you will be given instructions for the next steps. It is important to act with die diligence and take all necessary measures to reduce the damage to your property.
The services included in the Home Assistance coverage - repair and unclogging of water and sewage pipes, unlocking of front door – are performed without delay, given the emergency situation. Call the toll-free tel. 0700 13014. The operator will assist you in the best possible way and according to the coverage of your insurance. 
Yes. Our current life insurances do not exclude risks associated with COVID-19.
Yes, they can be insured. As usual, a Health Declaration is filled in and the rules for concluding insurance policies are followed.
For assistance, you need to call tel. 02 90 30 112, where you will be provided with the necessary assistance 24/7. We will assist you in finding medical facilities, we will provide you with advice on what actions to take in the respective situation, etc. We urge any customer who has a medical problem during the trip or needs assistance to call us at the above phone number. Each case is considered individually.
Cases in which circumstances have occurred due to known, foreseeable or anticipated events, epidemics, government bans, warnings or travel advice or fear of travel usually are not covered by the coverage.
If the case is urgent, seek the assistance of the local responsible institutions in the country in which you are located.

Given the complex situation around the world, we recommend avoiding trips that are not urgent, as well as taking the necessary measures for additional information. In such situations, in case of an organized trip, it is important to contact your travel agency. Do not forget to contact the embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the country you are in or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. Of course, call us at tel. 02 90 30 112 , we are at your service to assist as much as possible.
Most insurances that concern making bank card purchases cover misuse or loss. In case you have canceled the trip for your safety, see the applicable conditions of the airline operating the flight. Most airlines currently offer the option of extended use of pre-purchased tickets.