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Cancellation or early termination of an organized trip and or cancellation of a plane ticket when purchased by / through a tour operator or travel agent.

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In case of trip cancellation or in case of its early termination, Allianz Bulgaria will reimburse the insured person for the financial losses (non-refundable deposits and amounts), under a contract for organized travel, in case of cancellation, and will refund the amounts for unused prepaid travel services at the end of the trip. Expenses for a purchased plane ticket are also reimbursed in case of its cancellation.
The coverage is in force in the event of any of the following changes in the circumstances of which the insured person did not know in advance and which occurred after the conclusion of the insurance:

  • sudden illness, accident or loss of life
  • life threatening condition, hospitalization or death of a close relative
  • pregnancy complications
  • fire, natural disasters, malicious acts in your home
  • termination of the employment contract of the insured person and others

Policy territory -  worldwide, including Bulgaria.

In connection with the pandemic conditions, the following insurance restrictions are temporarily in force:
The insurance is concluded regardless of the date of concluding a contract for organized travel or purchasing a plane ticket, provided that the first payment under the contract has been made and the plane ticket has been paid in full and that no less than 180 calendar days are left until departure.

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