We would like to inform you that as of September 17th 2020 there is a forthcoming change related to all online payments you make with bank cards from Allianz Bank Bulgaria and their additional security confirmation.

 What is new?

After the specified dates, all your payments with online merchants participating in the secure payment programs Visa Secure and Mastercard Identity Check must be confirmed with two passwords - dynamic and static.

  • One-time password (dynamic), which you receive via SMS
  • Permanent password (static)

The new way of payments confirmation will be in force as of 8am on 17.09.2020.

Until the specified date, your online card payments will be processed in the manner used by now – only with a one-time SMS dynamic password.

What you must do in order to continue paying online after the specified date?

  • In the period 14 – 16.09.2020 you will receive a SMS from AzBB (Allianz Bank Bulgaria) with your initial six-digit static password. The received temporary password is valid for 30 calendar days as of the date of its generation.
  • Until the end of the 30-day period, you must change the initial password with a permanent static password of your choice on the client portal of Allianz Bank Bulgaria: https://3ds.borica.bg/ALLIANZ  (to be activated as of 14.09.2020)

You will be asked for the static password in the process of each online payment and without it you will not be able to finalize your purchases.

How to change the temporary static password with a permanent one?

1. Enter https://3ds.borica.bg/ALLIANZ (to be activated as of 14.09.2020) and enter the number of the card for which you received an SMS message with a static password in the field "Card number";

2. The "User Verification" screen will open;

3. You will receive an SMS-message with a one-time / dynamic password and enter it in the "Dynamic password" field;

4. Enter the static password from the "AzBB" SMS in the "3D-Secure static password" field;

5. Click the "Continue" button to go to the "Change your 3D-Secure settings" screen;

6. Generate your static password for online payments. It must consist of 8 characters, containing numbers, letters and special characters. The allowed characters are the following: _ - @ & * \. #, /? !

7. You must enter text in the "Personal message" field, which will be displayed each time you make an online transaction.

The text must be a maximum of 25 characters, which can be in Latin or Cyrillic script.

Example: A keyword, a code with a combination of letters and numbers, a name or a date that are important to you and are easy to remember.

8. The static password generated in this way can be used repeatedly, as well as change it if desired on the client portal: https://3ds.borica.bg/ALLIANZ (to be activated as of 14.09.2020), following the same steps.

If you need a new static password (lost or expired original static password), please contact us at tel. 080013014 or visit the office of Allianz Bank Bulgaria.

You can get detailed information about the service update on:

The Allianz Bank Bulgaria Team

*This change is in accordance with the requirements of the European Payment Directive 2015/2366 and the Payment Services and Payment Systems Act and applies to all customers of Allianz Bank (individuals and legal entities), holders of basic or additional debit and credit cards Mastercard or VISA. In order to continue making payments, additional cardholders need to use and have the appropriate rights in the electronic channel of their choice.